Saturday, April 30, 2016

March Photo Dump

And another round of "mom take a picture!"

Poor Wyler smashed his toe pretty bad.  The bottom corner of his nail bed was exposed.  The picture doesn't do the injury justice.

An hour before Wyler smashed his toe James' head connected with one of the patio chairs...

Little Miss Sunshine

The boys got new bedroom furniture.  Wyler was grumpy that I dared ask him to come down from his new bed to get a picture with James in the "cave".

I asked Wyler to grab his clean pants from the couch and get them on.  He comes walking around the corner in dad's pants instead

Easter egg hunting on the Richins Ranch

James loved the swing, and Wyler wouldn't stay on long enough for me to get a picture

When you find random pictures on your phone, you just gotta share them...

Wyler used stickers to make a mustache to be like Papa Theron